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Mincha-Maariv: Bonded-leather Softcover edition - mini-size

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Impressive bonded-leather edition of a mini-size Hebrew Mincha-Maariv (daily afternoon & evening services)

Perfect davening companion at an occasion or on the road

Includes our "Patented TouchWhat's this?

Mincha-Maariv: Bonded-leather Softcover edition - mini-size

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A mini-size Mincha-Maariv (also called Mincha-Arvit or the afternoon & evening Jewish services) published & bound by Etzion Art in an impressive bonded-leather volume.

Finished with our "Patented Touch" which is what we call the rich leathery texture & deeply etched designs that make our bonded-leather indistinguishable from genuine leather. The sensational "Patented Touch", along with the heartfelt prayers, make this a gift to be cherished forever.

Product highlights:

  • Embossed design with cartouche & volutes
  • Clear & bold type in an appealing format
  • Printed in full-color on chrome finished paper
  • Extra compact & lightweight mini edition
  • Includes Birkas Hamazon (Grace after Meals), Bedtime Shema & Tefillas Haderech

A Jewish Prayer book that speaks to the heart, in a binding that emulates the look & feel of real leather.

See the "Additional Information" tab for more specifications

"Bonded-leather" is a high quality imitation leather, similar to leatherette, PU & faux leather.

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Additional Information

Structure Bonded-leather mini-size booklet; Inside pages are stapled
Personalizing options

Personalizing is not possible on this product as by default there is no flat surface without design. However, for very large quantities please contact us as it might be possible to adjust the design to allow custom lettering or a logo.
Alternatively, contact us to commission an entirely fresh concept & design!

Binding Softcover Booklet
Pages 48
Paper (if applicable) Full color; Off-white with brown borders; Matte; Chrome finish
Textual features (if applicable)

Hebrew only Mincha-Maariv (afternoon & evening Jewish prayers) with nikkud (vowels)

Weekday Mincha & Maariv (Arvit) prayers
Sefiras HaOmer
Birkas Hamazon (Grace after Meals)
Sheva Brachos
Bracha Achrona
Bedtime Shema and accompanying prayers (Krias Shema she'al Hamita)
Tefillas Haderech (Traveler's Prayer)

Publisher Etzion Art Judaica
Dimensions (approx. W x H x D) 2.5" x 3.5" (cm: 6 x 8.5)
Title (if applicable) מנחה וערבית
Lettering within design (if applicable) Not Applicable
ISBN (if included) Not Applicable
SKU C-1702
Printed SKU (if differs) 201, 202, 203
Shipping weight 0.081 lb (0.037 kg)

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